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The hospital world is full of jargon, acronyms and complicated medicines and treatments that baffle even the wisest health care consumer. However, if you’re going to join hospitals on this journey, it would be helpful if you could “speak a little bit of the language.” Listed below are links to a hospital directory, a list of terminology, etc.

Health care definitions and acronyms

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Diagnosis, Admitting
Diagnosis provided on admission, explaining the reason for admission.
Diagnosis, Secondary
Condition that exists at the time of admission or develops subsequently that affects the treatment received and/or length of stay.
Discharge Planning
Centralized, coordinated program developed by a hospital to ensure that each patient has a planned program for follow-up care.
Disease Management
An approach designed to improve the health and quality of life for people with chronic illnesses by working to keep the conditions under control and prevent them from getting worse.
Do-Not-Resuscitate Order
Order placed on a patient’s chart by the attending physician, with patient or surrogate consent, that directs hospital personnel not to revive the patient if respiratory or cardiac activity ceases.
Durable Medical Equipment
Medical equipment, such as a respirator, wheelchair, home dialysis system, or monitoring system, that is prescribed by a physician for a patient’s home use.
Key Terms & Links
Additional Resources

Hospital directory

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Patient’s Bill of Rights

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