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The hospital world is full of jargon, acronyms and complicated medicines and treatments that baffle even the wisest health care consumer. However, if you’re going to join hospitals on this journey, it would be helpful if you could “speak a little bit of the language.” Listed below are links to a hospital directory, a list of terminology, etc.

Health care definitions and acronyms

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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Service providing diagnosis of disease typically through visualization of cross-sectional images of body tissue using strong static magnetic and radio-frequency fields to monitor body chemistry non-invasively, unimpeded by bone, and using no ionizing radiation or contrast agents.
Nurse, Licensed Practical
Person qualified by an approved program in practical or vocational nursing and licensed by the state who, under the direction of a head nurse or nursing team leader, performs a variety of assigned nursing activities.
Nurse, Registered
Person qualified by an approved postsecondary program or baccalaureate in nursing and licensed by the state to practice nursing.
Nurse Anesthetist, Registered
Registered nurse who has completed additional, specialized education and training in administering anesthetics to patients under the supervision of physicians, anesthesiologists or dentists.
Nurse Midwife
Registered nurse qualified by advanced training in obstetric and neonatal care and certified by the American College of Nurse Midwives who manages the perinatal care of women having normal pregnancy, labor and childbirth.
Nurse Practitioner
Registered nurse who has successfully completed an advanced formal program of study designed to prepare registered nurses to provide primary health care through diagnosis, clinical judgment and management abilities.
Nursing Facility
Facility which primarily provides to residents skilled nursing care and related services for the rehabilitation of injured, disabled, or sick people, or on a regular basis, health-related care services above the level of custodial care to other than mentally retarded individuals.
Nursing Home
Residence that provides a room, meals, and help with activities of daily living and recreation. Generally, nursing home residents have physical or mental problems that keep them from living on their own and usually require daily assistance.
Key Terms & Links
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